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Competition Committee responses to proposed changes for 2014

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  • Competition Committee responses to proposed changes for 2014

    There were three proposed GCR changes presented by our members for consideration by the Competition Committee. The following responses were provided by Steve Parker, our Competition Committee Director:

    1. Regarding the trophy weight proposal - In other forms of racing, trophy weight is used to level the playing field between makes of cars, not drivers. We feel that it is not workable in Club Racing.

    2. Regarding changing the Improved Class rules - Camber points, etc. will prevent the street ability of the cars in this class.

    3. Regarding 3.2 Class (Proposed Carrera Spec Class) - The Competition Committee feels that the 3.2 cars are competitive under current rules and that there are too many classes already. They also feel that the problem started with defective parts and establishing a new class will not help this problem. The V3 Class will be destroyed by this proposal and establishing a new class will not produce the results these drivers are seeking.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to respond to the Competition Committee's decisions, please post your response on this Forum thread.
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    Maintenance costs, pre-tech, new tires for each event, entry fees, food, fuel and Lodging costs are big numbers! They will not change no matter which class you run in.
    Uncle Bob Mueller is correct once your car is built for V3 you are pretty much done...Doing minor development enhancements are going to produce tenths here and there.
    The big time reductions are attributed to testing. Testing car set-up is where the big gains are to be had. With a spec class it will still be the same...He/She who has tested will
    be the most successful. I don't see how this new class could possibly create closer racing. The rich history and tradition of The POC and its V3 class should be supported until the end of time!
    V3 Rocks!
    Rob Tachovsky