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Trophy Weight Concept.

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  • Trophy Weight Concept.

    Lifted from the PRC is how they keep the playing field somewhat level:

    1. c) Trophy Weight will be awarded as the equalizing factor for car performance potential. Trophy Weight will be added on the following scale:
    For each win, increase minimum weight by 75 lbs.
    For each 2nd place, increase minimum weight by 50 lbs. For each 3rd place, increase minimum weight by 25 lbs.
    Maximum Trophy Weight shall not exceed 150 lbs.
    2. d) Drivers shall display their Trophy Weight on the windscreen.
    3. e) The Trophy Weight must be carried in all qualifying and race sessions.
    4. f) Drivers must carry Trophy Weight until their first non-podium finish, at which time the Trophy Weight will be reduced by 50 lbs per non-podium finish.
    Failure to finish (DNF) allows a 50 lb Trophy Weight reduction. Disqualification (DQ) does not allow for a 50 lb Trophy Weight reduction.
    5. g) Post race impound: after each race, cars will be required to proceed to the impound area where they can be weighed and inspected. Failure to present
    your car to the PRC technical official will be considered as withdrawal from the race, and your car number will be re-posted as DNF (did not finish) for the race. Results will not be considered official until the impound area is cleared by the responsible technical official. Cars maybe released at the discretion of the
    technical official without being weighed or officially inspected.