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Changes Needed for Improved Class

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  • Changes Needed for Improved Class

    Allow the following in Improved class:
    1. Abolish the camber restrictions for Improved cars, any alignment settings are allowed in PCA Club racing,
    2. Make suspension “free” in Improved class, and shocks/struts/springs. The shocks and struts can be non-adjustable, or 1 way adjustable. This is what PCA Club Racing allows in their Stock class.
    3. Allow for any exhaust port back exhaust, also the PCA Club Racing approach.
    4. Allow for leading edge GT2 type wings, but disallow the 60” Crawford wing. This could remain a "V" class option. PCA will move a car up a class with a leading edge wing, provided it was not a factory option. Wings can help (Downforce), but they can hurt too (drag).

    Note, I have to "dog in this fight: I am running GT5, and will never go back to Improved Class with irreversible (For me) changes recently made to my car.

    Also note my complete "argument" is What.doc assuming I can figure out how to attach a file to this marvelous form. It may actually be attached, miracles do happen!
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