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  • BSR Wheel Specs Change

    Propose allowing 17 X 8.5 inch wheels with 45 mm offset. It is difficult to find the 48-50 mm offset per the GCR, 22.1.4.(I) except in OEM or high priced aftermarket wheels. The slight variance of 3mm would not provide an unfair advantage, and in fact, many cars are running such wheels.

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    Many of us petitioned the PCA to add the Tire Rack wheel or to change the offset requirement to 45-50 mm which would allow these wheels. PCA choose not to do this and instead provided a vendor to supply wheels for the Spec Boxster. Below is the email blast they sent out. The PCA offered wheel is $349 ($299 Into price) vs Tire Rack at $204 per wheel.

    The other thing that PCA just added to the rules is allowing a 1/4 inch spacer for the rear wheels. This essentially reduces offset by 6mm on each wheel.

    We have always tried to keep our BSR Spec rules in line with the PCA and only deviate in few circumstances. Is this one of those times? You could end up with wheels that aren't legal in another club. If you are running the Tire Rack wheel without shaving down the wheel to the correct offset, the wheel is not legal in PCA or POC.


    Based on comments and requests from the racers, PCA Club Racing has decided to make a 2019 rule change for the Spec Boxster class effective immediately; this will allow racers to place orders now and have the product ready for next season. Due to the age of the Boxster platform, and the diminishing supply of OEM Porsche wheels that meet the class specific rules, the class will also allow a specially made aftermarket wheel to be used in competition.

    The wheel is made by Jongbloed Racing Wheels specifically for the Spec Boxster class, it meets the current rulebook requirements for size, weight and offset to match the OEM 17 x 8.5-inch rear wheel and will therefore not offer any competitive advantage over the OEM wheel. The allowance of this wheel gives racers a choice in wheels while keeping the competition fair for those continuing to run an OEM wheel setup.

    The Jongbloed wheel will be stamped with “SPB” to enable scrutineers to visually identify the SPB legal wheel from other models that do not meet the specific requirements of the class. The wheel will retail for $349, however Jongbloed Racing Wheels will offer an introductory price of $299 for the first 30 racers who place an order (120 wheels). The part number for the wheel is JRWPCA17x8.5/48SPB and can be ordered from Jongbloed Racing at 408-776-1380, or through their distributor network, Contact SPB class advocate John Gladwell, [email protected], for questions.


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      I say we allow use of the Tire Rack wheel. It doesn't impact PCA regulars who might race with us since their new wheel is legal at POC. If our racers are concerned about being legal for PCA they can choose accordingly.


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        I concur that the tire rack wheels be accepted for POC, alot of the existing BSR cars are already using them currently