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2007 Cayman for sale at good price

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  • 2007 Cayman for sale at good price

    Single-owner manual base Cayman is for sale that has been used for both routine daily driving and some high-performance driving. The original engine rebuilt at 87,000 miles, so it is effectively a 15,000-mile engine. Hydraulic steering replaced by electric steering. Transmission and cooling system replaced within the last 10,000 miles. Battery is new. Car is equipped with full fire suppression system for safety, also with fully adjustable sway bars. Suspension has been lowered to allow additional negative camber on front and rear wheels. Hood, rear and sides recently re-painted in original atlas-gray color; front hood retains car bra for protection. Sale includes transferable Lo Jack registration. Brake pads are Pagit Yellow, brake and transmission fluids are track-compatible. Car has recent smog check with paperwork. $17,5000 price includes a set of 18-inch tires with light wear (Hankook Ventus S-R3s) plus additional Nitto NT01s as track-substitute backups. Set of 17-inch rims is also included. Most maintenance and repair work done at 911 Design. Complete maintenance and repair history is available. Payments will be accepted by wire bank transfer. Email contact: [email protected]. Photos on link.

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    The engine modifications are specifically designed to work better on the track as opposed to just a used stock used. It has larger clearance for the connecting rod bearings. This allows for a higher oil flow to the bearings. The makes it run cooler and last longer than a stock engine.